Global Business

Eleanor Townsley, Nexus director

Michael Robinson, track chair

Steven Schmeiser, track chair

217G Dwight Hall

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All economic life is increasingly impacted by the forces of globalization. This Nexus track introduces students to the contemporary corporate world, the role of global markets, and debates about appropriate regulation and long-term implications. Students will explore in depth the tools of corporate leadership, the sociology of organizations, and models of regulation. Students may pursue internships with national or international for-profit corporations to complete the experiential requirement for this Nexus track.

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This area of study is administered by the following Nexus track chairs:

Michael Robinson, Professor of Economics

Steven Schmeiser, Assistant Professor of Economics

Requirements for the Nexus

A minimum of 18 credits:

Three courses above the 100 level chosen from the list of courses approved for this Nexus12
One approved 300-level course from the list of courses approved for this Nexus4
Completion of the UAF application stages 1 and 2 1
A substantive internship
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education 2
A presentation at LEAP Symposium
Total Credits18

Or a fifth class with approval of the track chair

Additional Specifications

  • In selecting courses from the approved list for the track, students will complete at least one course particular to global business and will generally also select one of the approved EOS (Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society) courses.
  • The sequence of a Nexus is part of what makes it unique. UAF application stages 1 and 2 must be completed before the internship or research project. COLL-211 is taken after the internship or research project and culminates in a presentation at LEAP Symposium.

Courses Counting toward the Nexus

ANTHR-212Shopping and Swapping: Cultures of Consumption and Exchange 4
Asian Studies
ASIAN-315Business Chinese 4
College(Interdeptmnt) Courses
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education 2
ECON-205Women in Business 4
ECON-207FMSpecial Topics: 'Economics in Popular Film' 4
ECON-212Microeconomic Theory 4
ECON-215Economics of Corporate Finance 4
ECON-307Seminar in Industrial Organization 4
ECON-310Public Finance Seminar 4
ECON-313Seminar in International Finance 4
ECON-320Econometrics 4
ECON-345Corporate Governance 4
Entrepreneurship, Orgs & Soc
EOS-205Financial Accounting 4
EOS-218Perspectives in Global Business 4
EOS-299MKTopic: 'International Marketing' 4
EOS-299NDTopic: 'Individuals and Organizations' 4
EOS-310Entrepreneurship: Social and Economic Impact in Practice 4
EOS-349GETopic: 'International Management and Gender' 4
PSYCH-212Individuals and Organizations 4
SOCI-316SYSpecial Topics in Sociology: 'The Business of Culture: Marketing & Selling Symbolic Goods' 4