Professional and Graduate Education

Professional and Graduate Education is administered by:

Lenore Reilly, Interim Director

Megan Allen, Program Director for Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership and Mathematics Leadership Program

Virginia Bastable, Program Director for Mathematics Leadership Program

Beverley Bell, Program Director for Master of Arts in Teaching

Michael Flynn, Program Director for Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching

Gary Gillis, Program Director for Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical Program

Roberto Mugnani, Director of Program Development

Faculty teaching in Professional and Graduate Education Programs:

Kathryn Accurso, Sarah Bent, Faye Brady, Jennifer Daigle-Matos, Sarah Frenette, Holly Graham, Jennifer Jacoby, Eric Levine, Lisanne Manzi, Lauren Mattone, Anne Marie O'Reilly, Laurel Peltier, Margaret Riddle, Susan Smith, Julia St. Martin, Catherine Swift, Polly Wagner

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