Ancient Studies

Ombretta Frau, Chair

Denise Falk, Academic Department Coordinator

112 Ciruti Center

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The major in ancient studies encourages the study of ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian civilizations, as they relate to one another, from an interdisciplinary and inclusive perspective. Currently, majors may choose from among three concentrations: a) art historical/archaeological, b) historical, c) literary / mythological. On consultation with her advisor, a student may select her courses from among those offered in classics, art history, history, Asian studies, philosophy, politics, and religion. Through this major students will attain a deeper and more sophisticated knowledge of the ancient world.

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This area of study is administered by the Department of Classics and Italian. Advisors in Ancient Studies:

Bettina Bergmann, Helene Phillips Herzig '49 Professor of Art History

Paula Debnar, Professor of Classics

Geoffrey Sumi, Professor of Classics

Bruce Arnold, Associate Professor of Classics, Teaching Spring Only

Mark Landon, Visiting Lecturer in Classics

Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 32 credits:

At least one 4 credit course at or above the level of GREEK-102, LATIN-102, or ASIAN-142 (First-Year Sanskrit II)4
At least one 4 credit art historical or archaeological course focusing on the ancient Mediterranean4
At least one 4 credit literary or mythical course focusing on the ancient Mediterranean or India4
At least two 4 credit historical courses: 8
One course on the ancient Greek world
One course on the ancient Roman world
At least two 4 credit 300-level courses:8
One of which is a designated capstone/research seminar
One of which is in the chosen concentration
One additional 4 credit course at the 200 level or above4
Total Credits32

Additional Specifications

  • At least three (4 credit) courses (12 credits total) must be within the chosen concentration
  • Students intending to pursue graduate studies are encouraged to minor in a related area (e.g., art history, classics, history, one of the ancient languages, philosophy, or religion)

Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of 20 credits:

Two 4 credit courses, each from different areas of concentration8
At least one 4 credit course at the 300 level4
8 credits from relevant 4 credit courses in art history, classics, history, Asian studies, philosophy, religion, or politics8
Total Credits20

Related Courses

Art History
ARTH-215From Alexander to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World 4
ARTH-216The Visual World of Ancient Rome 4
ARTH-290PMIssues in Art History: 'Pompeii' 4
ARTH-310CASeminar in Ancient Art: 'The Lure of the Past: Collecting Antiquity' 4
ARTH-310LMSeminar in Ancient Art: 'Love and Metamorphosis' 4
ARTH-310RLSeminar in Ancient Art: 'Roman Luxury' 4
Asian Studies
ASIAN-254India's Epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata 4
CLASS-205Cleopatra: "The Not Humble Woman 4
CLASS-211Gods and Mortals: Myth in Ancient Art and Literature 4
CLASS-212Greek Tragedy, American Drama, and Film 4
CLASS-215Classical Political Thought 4
CLASS-225Athenian Democracy and Its Foes 4
CLASS-226Bread and Circuses: The Politics of Public Entertainment in Ancient Rome 4
CLASS-227Ancient Greece 4
CLASS-228Ancient Rome 4
CLASS-229The Tyrant and Gladiator: Bad Roman Emperors from Caligula to Commodus 4
CLASS-260Knowing God 4
CLASS-295Independent Study 1-4
CLASS-329Politics and Greek Tragedy 4
CLASS-349Socrates Against the Sophists 4
CLASS-395Independent Study 1-8
GREEK-101Elementary Greek: Homer's Iliad 4
GREEK-102Elementary Greek: Homer's Iliad 4
GREEK-222Classical Greek Prose and Poetry 4
GREEK-250Intermediate Greek Tutorial 2-4
GREEK-295Independent Study 1-4
GREEK-322Classical Greek Prose and Poetry 4
GREEK-350Advanced Tutorial 2-4
GREEK-395Independent Study 1-8
HIST-128Ancient Rome 4
HIST-226Bread and Circuses: The Politics of Public Entertainment in Ancient Rome 4
HIST-227Ancient Greece 4
HIST-228Ancient Rome 4
HIST-229The Tyrant and the Gladiator: Bad Roman Emperors from Caligula to Commodus 4
Jewish Studies
JWST-103Introduction to the Hebrew Bible 4
JWST-256What Didn't Make It in the Bible 4
LATIN-101Elementary Latin I 4
LATIN-102Elementary Latin II 4
LATIN-201Intermediate Latin I 4
LATIN-209Vergil: Aeneid 4
LATIN-210Ovid: Metamorphoses 4
LATIN-225The Dido/Aeneas Story 4
LATIN-295Independent Study 1-4
LATIN-302Cicero and the Enemies of the Roman Republic 4
LATIN-307The Slender Muse 4
LATIN-309Vergil: Aeneid 4
LATIN-310Ovid: Metamorphoses 4
LATIN-312Roma Ludens: Comedy and Satire in Ancient Rome 4
LATIN-319Power, Politics, and Scandal: Roman Imperial Biography and Historiography 4
LATIN-350Junior/Senior Tutorial 2-4
LATIN-395Independent Study 1-8
PHIL-201Philosophical Foundations of Western Thought: 'Ancient History of Philosophy' 4
POLIT-211Classical Political Thought 4
POLIT-329Politics and Greek Tragedy 4
RELIG-103Introduction to the Hebrew Bible 4
RELIG-256What Didn't Make It in the Bible 4
RELIG-306Sex and the Early Church 4
Theatre Arts
THEAT-234GTTopics in Theatre Studies: 'Greek Tragedy and Film' 4