Educational Policy and Practice

Eleanor Townsley, Nexus director

Sarah Frenette, track chair

217G Dwight Hall

Overview and Contact Information

The Nexus in Educational Policy and Practice is intended to provide students with an opportunity to conduct a cross-disciplinary exploration of an education-related topic. The multidisciplinary nature of the Nexus offers varied perspectives on contemporary contexts and historical moments that shape and define knowledge, behavior, structures, organizations, and policies both in and out of educational settings. Examples of these varied perspectives include Education: Policy and Politics; Philosophy and the Child; International Education; Women, Leadership and Higher Education; Education, Health, and Sports Pedagogy; Education and the Arts; Environmental Education.

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This area of study is administered by the following Nexus track chair:

Sarah Frenette, Five College Coordinator of Teacher Licensure

Requirements for the Nexus

A minimum of 18 credits:

Three courses above the 100 level chosen from the list of courses approved for this Nexus12
One approved 300-level course from the list of courses approved for this Nexus4
Completion of the UAF application stages 1 and 2 1
A substantive internship
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to Your Liberal Arts Education2
A presentation at LEAP Symposium
Total Credits18

Additional Specifications

  • Students in this Nexus track must seek approval from the track chair after developing a brief proposal outlining their specific area of focus and the specific courses they plan to take to complete the Nexus.
  • The sequence of a Nexus is part of what makes it unique. UAF application stages 1 and 2 must be completed before the internship or research project. COLL-211 is taken after the internship or research project and culminates in a presentation at LEAP Symposium.

Selection of Courses Counting toward the Nexus

Courses other than those listed below may count toward the Nexus. Students should consult the Nexus track chair for consideration of courses not on the list.

College(Interdeptmnt) Courses
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to Your Liberal Arts Education2
EDUC-205Social Justice in Education4
EDUC-233Educational Psychology4
EDUC-267Children's Literature for Educators4
Educational Studies
EDUST-221Self-Awareness in Education4
EDUST-339EPSeminar in Educational Studies: 'Educational Policy'4
EDUST-351PRTopics in Education: 'Teaching STEM in Puerto Rico'4
Entrepreneurship, Orgs & Soc
EOS-299NDTopic: 'Individuals and Organizations'4
PSYCH-213Psychology of Racism4
PSYCH-230Developmental Psychology4
PSYCH-331Laboratory in Early Childhood Learning and Development4