Queer and Sexuality Studies

Christian Gundermann, Associate Professor of Gender Studies


Overview and Contact Information

The Five College Certificate in Queer and Sexuality Studies provides a course of study that examines critically the relationship between queer sexual and gender identities, experiences, cultures, and communities in a wide range of historical and political contexts.  The certificate also leads students to investigate how non-normative and normative genders and sexualities intersect with other social categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, and nationality.

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Requirements for the Certificate

A minimum of seven courses:

One introductory course, such as the following:1
Introduction to Gender Studies (at Mount Holyoke)
At least one critical race and transnational studies course1
Five other courses, including:5
At least two courses in the arts/humanities
Two courses in the social/natural sciences
At least one of these five courses must be an upper-level (300 or above) course
Total Courses7

Additional Specifications

  •  All courses must be approved by the program to count towards certificate requirements. A list of current courses typically approved for the certificate is available on the certificate program's website.