Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights

Eleanor Townsley, Nexus director

Andrew Reiter, track chair

217G Dwight Hall

Overview and Contact Information

The goal of the Nexus in Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights is to provide students with the tools necessary to form a deep understanding of how complex relationships between local and national political processes both create public policies and shape legislation and its interpretation. This Nexus provides students with both an academic and experiential lens. Students will choose courses from several departments including politics, economics, history, and sociology in order to examine how both law and public policies are imbedded in much larger social, historical, and economic realities.

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This area of study is administered by the following Nexus track chair:

Andy Reiter, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations

Requirements for the Nexus

A minimum of 18 credits:

Three courses above the 100 level chosen from the list of courses approved for this Nexus12
One approved 300-level course from the list of courses approved for this Nexus4
Completion of the UAF application stages 1 and 2 1
A substantive internship
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education 2
A presentation at LEAP Symposium
Total Credits18

Or a fifth class with approval of the track chair

Additional Specifications

  • Students electing this track are also strongly encouraged to take a course in statistics and/or quantitative analysis, such as ECON-220, PSYCH-201, SOCI-225, or STAT-140
  • The sequence of a Nexus is part of what makes it unique. UAF application stages 1 and 2 must be completed before the internship or research project. COLL-211 is taken after the internship or research project and culminates in a presentation at LEAP Symposium.

Courses Counting toward the Nexus

Africana Studies
AFCNA-208Introduction to Twentieth-Century Critical Race Theory 4
AFCNA-321Politics of Decolonization 4
ANTHR-216HRSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Anthropology and Human Rights: Between Devil's Advocate and Rights Advocacy' 4
College(Interdeptmnt) Courses
COLL-211Reflecting Back: Connecting Internship and Research to your Liberal Arts Education 2
ECON-203Environmental Economics 4
ECON-213Economic Development: A Survey 4
ECON-220Introduction to Econometrics 4
ECON-310Public Finance Seminar 4
ECON-313Seminar in International Finance 4
ECON-320Econometrics 4
ECON-345Corporate Governance 4
Entrepreneurship, Orgs & Soc
EOS-205Financial Accounting 4
EOS-299NDTopic: 'Individuals and Organizations' 4
HIST-232RWSpecial Topics in Medieval History: 'God Save the Queen: Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance' 4
HIST-301EMColloquium: 'The Age of Emancipation' 4
HIST-381SDRecent American History: 'America Since the Great Depression' 4
International Relations
IR-237International Human Rights 4
IR-343Law and Religion 4
PHIL-225Symbolic Logic 4
POLIT-235Constitutional Law: The Federal System 4
POLIT-236Civil Liberties 4
POLIT-247International Law and Organization 4
POLIT-266Environmental Politics in America 4
POLIT-313The Politics of Poverty 4
POLIT-327Transitional Justice 4
POLIT-331Ethical Life 4
POLIT-353The Politics of Work 4
POLIT-366International Migration 4
POLIT-367Decision Making 4
POLIT-385International Security 4
PSYCH-201Statistics 4
RELIG-267Buddhist Ethics 4
Russian & Eurasian Studies
RES-242Oil and Water Don't Mix: Geopolitics, Energy, and the Environment 4
SOCI-225Survey Research and Data Analysis 4
SOCI-231Criminology 4
SOCI-234Social Problems 4
SOCI-350Sociology of Punishment 4