PaGE Academic Policies

Progress Policies for all M.A.T Degree Programs

The academic requirements for graduate students include timely completion of all College, PaGE, and program requirements.

Students are expected to enroll in the courses per their approved program of study and submit any proposed changes to their program plan to their advisors, in advance, for approval.

Students are expected to be enrolled in all terms required by their degree program. The only exception to this requirement occurs when the student is granted an official leave of absence by the PaGE Director, with the concurrence of the director of their program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students in the M.A.T., M.A.MT., and M.A.T.L. PaGE programs are required to obtain a B or better in all coursework. In instances where a student has not met this requirement, the student must meet with the program director/advisor who, in consultation with the PaGE Director, will determine if the student can proceed in the program.

To maintain full eligibility for federal student aid funds, satisfactory academic progress must be maintained. Graduate students who fail to complete the total number of credits attempted, whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 or whose years of enrollment in the program exceed the statute of limitation for the academic program will lose eligibility to receive any future federal student aid funds at Mount Holyoke. Student Financial Services will notify the student of the loss of federal eligibility and the appeal process available to request aid eligibility be reinstated.