Fellowships for Mount Holyoke Alumnae and Graduating Seniors

Mount Holyoke offers a large number of fellowships to graduating seniors and outstanding alumnae who have received a Mount Holyoke degree. Application procedures and deadlines vary.

Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Fellowships

Thanks to generous gifts from alumnae, the Alumnae Association is able to offer a small number of fellowships each year to Mount Holyoke graduates. The terms of each of these gifts govern the parameters for the use of the fellowship funds and the amount of money available for distribution. Applicants may apply to multiple fellowships through one application, as long as they meet the criteria of each award. The fellowship application deadline is January 15. For detailed information, see our Fellowships page.

Bardwell Memorial Fellowship  Awarded to a recent graduate of no more than five years, without limitation as to field of work or place of study.

Frances Mary Hazen Fellowship  Awarded, preferably, to a candidate  in the field of classics.

Hannum-Warner Travel Fellowship  Awarded for travel and study, preferably in Asia (although the West is not excluded).

Dr. Mary P. Dole Medical Fellowship  Awarded for research to alumnae, preferably to those who hold a doctor of medicine degree.

Lyon’s Pride Fellowship  Awarded, preferably, to a candidate pursuing an LGBT, gender, or feminist studies project.

Mary E. Woolley Fellowship  The Alumnae Association’s most prestigious award. Awarded without limitation as to year of graduation, field of work, or place of study.

Rachel Brown Fellowship  Awarded for the first year of graduate study in the physical or biological sciences to those who majored in these fields.

The 1905 Fellowship  Awarded without limitation as to year of graduation, field of work, or place of study.

If you have questions about the application process, visit the Fellowships FAQ at http://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/career/alumnae-fellowships/fellowships-faq/. If you would like to confirm that your materials have been received, email the fellowship coordinator at alumnaeassociation@mtholyoke.edu.

Graduate Fellowships Awarded by Departments

Art and Art History

Request applications from the academic department coordinator or find them on the department website. Applications are due March 18.

Joseph A. Skinner Fellowship for graduate study in studio art or architecture. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a program leading to an M.A., M.F.A., or M. Arch.

Louise Fitz-Randolph Fellowship for graduate study in history of art, history of architecture, or archaeology in this country or abroad. Applicants must be enrolled full- time in a program leading to the M.A. or Ph.D.

Biological Sciences

Submit a proposed plan of study and budget to the department chair, accompanied by an official transcript of graduate work, where applicable. If the applicant is not a recent Mount Holyoke graduate, a letter of recommendation from a current research advisor or employer is recommended. Applications are due March 23.

Ira Skillman Stryker Fellowship for applicants preparing to teach or do research in biological sciences. Ordinarily this fellowship is used for summer study.

A. Elizabeth Adams Fellowship for graduate study in biological sciences, but not professional degrees.

Morgan-Adams Graduate Fellowship for graduate work in biological sciences.


Request applications from the academic department coordinator. Applications are due March 15.

Virginia Galbraith Graduate Fellowship for excellence in economics supports graduate study in economics or in another field involving a strong focus on economics, and is preferably awarded to an alumna who was an economics major or at least took some courses in economics as an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke.

The Robert Robertson Fund for the study of health care will provide financial support for a Mount Holyoke alumna pursuing graduate studies in economics, public health, or public policy programs. The graduate program should have both an economics and health component.


English Department Graduate Fellowship for graduate study in English without limitation as to place of study. Awarded alternate years with the Joseph Bottkol Fellowship, which assists in the purchase of books.

The Naomi Kitay ’33 Fellowship is awarded annually to a recent graduate or an outstanding senior as an aid toward a career in creative prose writing.

See the English awards webpage for further information about funding opportunities.


Application available here. Applications are due February 12.

Joseph A. Skinner Fellowship for graduate study in history. Preference is given to applicants who are completing the Ph.D. dissertation.

International Relations, Law, and Politics

Submit a proposed plan of study to the chair of the politics department, accompanied by curriculum vitae or resume, an official transcript of undergraduate and graduate work, where applicable, and two letters of recommendation by March 11. The fellowships are restricted to students majoring in either politics or international relations. Former applicants, including recipients, may reapply. Awarded annually.

Ellen Deborah Ellis Fellowship for advanced study in international relations, preferably abroad, but also in the United States. Awarded annually.

Ruth C. Lawson Fellowship for advanced study in international politics. Awarded annually.

Donald G. Morgan Fellowship preferably for attending law school or for graduate work studying aspects of the United States Constitution. Awarded periodically.


Applications due by May 1 to the academic department coordinator.

Joseph A. Skinner Fellowship for graduate study in physics or closely related disciplines in this country or abroad.


Request applications from the academic department coordinator. Applications are due April 15.

Steven H. Davol Fellowship for further study in an area of developmental psychology, preferably that of early childhood.