PaGE: Science (X.SCI)

X.SCI-470 The Process of Teaching and Learning: Science/Technology Curriculum Development and Instruction

Fall. Credits: 2

Students will learn about inquiry-based science and technology curriculum development and instruction in PreK-6 classrooms. Through an immersive experience in content and pedagogy, students will construct more extensive understandings of science instruction by developing a series of lessons/unit of study that implements the Massachusetts Frameworks incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards. Emphasis will be on learning content as well as diverse management and instructional practices, such as the use of place-based learning, hands-on experiences, problem solving, and project-based learning. Students will also become more adept at developing effective approaches to using assessment to guide instruction.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
C. Swift
Restrictions: This course is offered for graduate students only.