PaGE: Computing and Technology (X.CMPTC)

X.CMPTC-101 'Computer Science 101': Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming

Not Scheduled for This Year. Credits: 4

Computers are used every day for an enormous variety of tasks, from playing games and chatting with friends to transferring billions of dollars, delivering radiation treatments, and controlling the electrical grid. Computer programs are an essential ingredient in allowing for this grade diversity of applications. In this course, you will learn to create your own programs based on core programming concepts and analytical problem solving approoaches. You will develop dynamic programs first using Adobe Flash CS4 and AS3 (ActionScript 3), the technology behind many Web applications. The last portion of the course will teach you Java, a very popular modern programming language. We assume no prior study of computer science. Programming intensive.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
A. DeFlumere
Coreq: X.CMPTC-101L.

X.CMPTC-109 iDesign Studio

Credits: 4

Designers are continually innovating ways of incorporating technology into today's world, from projections of performance dresses to "smart" purses that sense a missing wallet. The recent emergence of low-cost, user-friendly components is making this new world of design accessible to a broad community. In this course, students will think critically about products already in the marketplace and will be given the tools to create their own designs. A sequence of hands-on workshops on electronics basics and microcontroller programming will provide the surprisingly minimal level of comfort and background in technology required to produce prototypes of these designs.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
A. St. John