Data Science (DATA)

DATA-295 Independent Study

Fall and Spring. Credits: 1 - 4

The department
Instructor permission required.

DATA-390 Data Science Capstone

Spring. Credits: 4

The Capstone is a research seminar that brings together the three pillars of the Data Science curriculum. The course will start with common readings about research projects across a range of disciplines, including readings that address issues of ethics involved with the collection, treatment, and analysis of data. Concurrently, each student will develop an individual research topic and identify relevant data resources. The remainder of the term will be dedicated to exploring these topics through extensive data analysis, visualization, and interpretation, leading to a final report with complete results and a presentation.

Applies to requirement(s): Math Sciences
V. Barr
Prereq: COMSC-205 and STAT-340. STAT-340 may be taken concurrently (contact instructor for permission).

DATA-395 Independent Study

Fall and Spring. Credits: 1 - 8

The department
Instructor permission required.

DATA-395P Independent Study w/Practicum

Fall and Spring. Credits: 1 - 8

Instructor permission required.

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