The Mount Holyoke "Bulletin and Course Catalog" is published once each year, in August. It provides a comprehensive description of the College’s programs, summaries of key academic and administrative policies, and descriptions of some of the College’s key offerings and attributes. Through this online archive, we present an exact copy of the official publication, for historical reference purposes only.

Mount Holyoke Bulletin and Course Catalog

All previous catalogs are available in person through the Mount Holyoke College Archives; the Registrar's Office can often assist with excerpts as well. Editions of all Mount Holyoke College "Bulletin and Course Catalogue" from 1837 onward are available online through the Mount Holyoke College Archives.

Additionally, a PDF containing detailed course information for academic years 2000-2016 is available, reflecting the public contents of the now-decommissioned online Course Catalog Database. These contents were frequently updated after the Bulletin and Course Catalog was published each year and therefore often contain more current course information than appears in the archived Bulletin and Course Catalog PDFs for these past years.