PaGE: Writing (X.WRTNG)

X.WRTNG-406 Creative Inquiry and Writing as Research

Not Scheduled for This Year. Credits: 2

This course will immerse students in writing as informal research practice. Taking as our starting point contemporary American writing addressing the labor conditions of late capitalism, we will examine strategies for creative inquiry used to document and research topics not normally or officially investigated. Due to the length of this course, we'll focus particularly on short forms and generating new writing, as opposed to revision and critique. Topics to be discussed will include research as community building, fragment as form, and the collapsing of high vs low culture in contemporary American experimental writing. Students will write into a variety of forms modeled by readings from Jill Magi, Bhanu Kapil, Dodie Bellamy, Brandon Brown and Stephanie Young, among others.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
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