PaGE: Media (X.MEDIA)

X.MEDIA-411 Visual Literacy and Media

Not Scheduled for This Year. Credits: 2

Most of us are constantly inundated by visual messages, but do we know or understand the design, intent and the impact of these communications? This intensive, interdisciplinary course provides theories and tools to critically analyze, interpret and read/understand visual messages presented through a variety of forms of media, such as film, photography, video, digital games, and the internet. Students will develop critical and cultural visual literacy analysis skills mainly through the language of cinematic conventions such as composition, lighting, movement, editing and symbolism in Chinese film and apply them to other cultural contexts and their own lives. They will also examine the role and influence of media and how social dimensions such as gender, race, class and ethnicity are portrayed.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
Y. Ma

X.MEDIA-429 Media Production Topics

These courses offer conceptual knowledge and basic design principles as well as hands-on instruction to use digital media tools such as video, audio, podcasting, websites and other emerging technologies. Each topics course will be unique in its application of one or more media platforms, but they will all be designed for the production of dynamic, high quality and compelling content that is ready for dissemination.

X.MEDIA-429VP Media Production Topics: 'Video Production'

Credits: 2

This is a hands-on foundational class exploring every step of video production for educators, artists and other professionals in the community who want to create engaging, eye-catching videos. We will cover all of the components of production, including aesthetics and mechanics, narrative development, the role of audio, and the conceptual and technical aspects of editing. You are invited to come with a story to tell or a product, service or brand to promote. Plan to dedicate a significant amount of time outside of class sessions to readings, viewings, and practical assignments to expand your perspective of the power of communication through video. Students will complete a series of in-class exercise pieces, and each will make a short video as a final project.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
M. Polish
Notes: Please come to class with your own external hard drive with a minimum capacity of 500GB, and also bring any equipment with video capabilities that you would like to use, including cell phones, tablets, DSLR cameras, camcorders, etc. A limited number of cameras may also be available to share.