PaGE: English (X.ENGL)

X.ENGL-211 Shakespeare and Race

Not Scheduled for This Year. Credits: 2

Through characters such as Othello, Shylock, and Aaron the Moor, this course will explore how Shakespeare staged, to borrow Hamlet's phrase, the "theater of others". We will focus upon how Shakespeare's plays represent race and racial relationships in the early modern context. How do his plays both reinforce and critique socially and culturally constructed assumptions about race? How do they both draw upon and subvert or challenge dramatic conventions of race and why? What can we learn about race and attitudes towards race, in Shakespeare's time and our own, from the questions raised by his plays and their histories of theatrical interpretation and critical response?

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
M. Pangallo
Advisory: Introductory literature course, particularly a Shakespeare course.

X.ENGL-227 Jane Austen in Adaptation

Not Scheduled for This Year. Credits: 4

Jane Austen's work stands almost as its own subgenre in the evolution of the novel. Happening at a moment of transitions, her work can be read formally as a bridge between the experiments of eighteenth century realism and what was just to come in the Victorian novel. Although she is often admired for her humor and satire around marriage and sex, the novels also engage with aesthetics, epistemology, and sensibility: political ideas about what constitutes beauty, what it means to know something, and how much one should feel. We will read the completed novels, some of her influences and contemporaries, and critical and theoretical contexts.

Applies to requirement(s): Meets No Distribution Requirement
J. Pyke