Summer and January Courses

Roberto Mugnani, Director

Amy Nichols, Senior Administrative Assistant


Overview and Contact Information

PaGE Summer and January courses are open to college students matriculated at Mount Holyoke or at other colleges or universities, as well as to community members seeking academic credit, professional development, or personal enrichment. The courses are offered during two summer sessions as well as during an intensive January session. Grades and GPA appear on a Mount Holyoke non-matriculated student transcript and do not appear on the Mount Holyoke undergraduate or graduate transcripts. Further information and the online application are available at on the PaGE website.

Students in the College’s own Bachelor of Arts program are welcome to enroll in PaGE summer and January course offerings but may apply credits earned to the Bachelor of Arts degree only if the credits qualify as transfer credits per the College’s usual transfer credit policies.

To apply for summer or January courses, go to the online application and create an account.

PaGE reserves the right to request a certified copy of original transcripts or other official documentation confirming the successful completion of coursework or other preparation for it to determine student readiness for any of its courses, workshops, or programs.

Tuition, Fees, and Refunds

Tuition and fees are specific to each course, and are charged on a per-course basis. Applicants will receive a message by email within two business days of submitting their application with instructions to log in again and make payment by credit card or check. Payment is due immediately and registration will not be complete until payment is received.

There is no institutional nor federal financial aid available for Summer or January courses. Some exceptions are possible for students in the M.A.T., M.A.M.T., or M.A.T.L. programs when the courses are counting towards the student's degree program.

Withdrawal Refund Procedures

Applicants who need to withdraw from a January or Summer course should send an immediate email clearly stating the request to withdraw from a specific course and session date to If the email message is received before the first class meeting, the applicant will be eligible for a full refund minus the withdrawal fee. There will be no refund of course payments for withdrawal requests received by PaGE on the day of or any time after the first class meeting.

Winter/January Courses

Applicants who withdraw from a course after December 1 but before the first class meeting will be assessed a $200 withdrawal fee.

Summer May - August Courses

Applicants who withdraw from a course after April 1 but before the first class meeting will be assessed a $200 withdrawal fee.