Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical Program

Gary Gillis, Director

Jacqueline Collette, Coordinator


Overview and Contact Information

The Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical Program is designed for individuals who have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university and who now wish to prepare for application to graduate programs in the health professions (e.g., medical, veterinary, dental, physical therapy, etc.).

Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and have a strong academic record. The program is not intended to offset a weak record in the sciences. Successful applicants typically have had few or no science courses as undergraduates and have earned an undergraduate GPA greater than 3.3.

Because of the restricted availability of seats in U.S. medical schools, this program is open to United States citizens only.

Curriculum and Requirements

Most students spend two years in the program and tend to take, at a minimum, a full year of biology, a full year of physics, and two full years of chemistry. Many also may need to take courses in mathematics and statistics, advanced courses in biology and biochemistry, or other advanced science courses required for admission to a specific program. Postbaccalaureates who successfully complete a minimum of 32 credits will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, and their academic work appears on a non-matriculated student transcript.

Candidates must submit official SAT, ACT, or GRE scores, college transcripts, an application essay, and two letters of recommendation. An interview is also required.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Deadlines are in place to permit admitted students to pre-register for courses in a timely fashion. The application deadline for admission in the spring is October 1. The deadline for admission in the summer or fall is February 27.

Students enrolling in this program are not eligible for financial aid from Mount Holyoke College but may qualify for federal student loans or veterans benefits.

Candidates may obtain further information by writing to The Postbaccalaureate Pre-Medical Program, Mount Holyoke College, 50 College Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts, 01075, or by completing the inquiry form on the program's website.

Comprehensive tuition for students entering the Program during 2016 is $39,000. A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $2,000 is due upon enrollment and is credited toward the Program fee of $39,000.

This is a one-time program fee, not a per-academic year fee, and covers the ten courses typically required for entrance to the health professions. All students may take additional courses on a per-course tuition basis. All other academic services of the Postbaccalaureate Program including workshops, a Health Care Seminar, assistance in finding internships, advising, and application support are also covered by this program fee.

Students are also charged a Student Activities Fee.

Students may also choose to live in campus housing (limited availability) and/or purchase a campus meal plan.

Tuition Billing

  • The comprehensive fee billed in July and December ($19,500/semester) plus the SGA fee ($93/semester) is not refundable once classes begin.  Students are eligible to return in subsequent semesters to finish the program, but courses attempted and not earned count toward the 10 course limit. Courses needed beyond the 10 course limit will be billed by the course.
  • No separate fee is charged prior to the start of the summer courses
  • First term billing occurs in July (if starting in the summer or fall) and payment is due by July 31.
  • Second term billing occurs in December and payment is due by January 5.
  • Tuition and Fees = $39,186, half for each of the first two semesters of enrollment.

College funding is not available for postbaccalaureate students. Other options include:

Federal Student Loans

Postbaccalaureates may qualify for the Federal Direct Student Loan (FDSL). Students are only eligible for twelve consecutive months of a FDSL as a postbaccalaureate student.

  • Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and should list their year in school as a 5th year undergraduate.
  • Postbaccalaureate students are not considered graduate students for the purposes of federal aid since they are not working on a master's or doctorate degree in the initial term of the school year.
  • Parent information is required on the FAFSA for students who do not meet the federally defined criteria of independent status for financial aid.
  • Postbaccalaureate students must provide documentation as to the courses they will be taking to fulfill their educational requirements.

Private Student Loans

For information about private alternative student loans, information can be found at Elm Select, choosing "undergraduate" for school program type.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

If a postbaccalaureate student starts in the summer and withdraws or takes a leave of absence prior to the end of the two summer courses, no additional fee will be applied but the deposit will be forfeited.

Postbaccalaureate students who start in the fall or the spring and withdraw during the semester will be subject to the semester refund schedule (see Tuition and Fees). Attempted credits count toward the 10 course limit. Students may return to complete the program but will be charged additional fees once the 10 course limit, including attempted courses, is reached.

Refund of Federal Student Loan

Federal aid refund policies are different than institutional refund policies.  For students receiving federal loans for the fall or spring, “earned” loan funds are prorated based on the time enrolled (percent earned vs. unearned).

  • For example, if a student has a Federal Direct Student Loan (FDSL) and leaves on the 40th day of the semester, they have “earned” 38% of that loan (based on 105 days in the semester).  The remainder of the FDSL (“unearned”) must be returned to the federal government by Mount Holyoke College which may create a balance due on the student account.
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